Issue 03, Stories of Collision

What happens when objects collide? Soft Stir 03: Stories of Collision is a clash of creative expression from 45 emerging Australian poets, storytellers, musicians, photographers, and illustrators, who uncover the many ways that collisions govern our world.

Amit Noy hosts a conversation between disparate dance icons Bhenji Ra, Amrita Hepi, and Belle Beasley, confronting tradition through the language of movement. Eda Gunaydin reflects on the ever-changing space and idea of Western Sydney via her award-winning filmic collaboration with studio Subversus. Jazz Money curates an outstanding showcase of up-and-coming Indigenous artists and writers. Jordan Sharp provides comic relief with his unhinged ruminations on our contemporary techno-dystopia. Jacquie Meng illustrates the enigmatic femininity found in the backroom of strip clubs. Rising musicians FRIDAY* and Dylan Atlantis delve into their friendship and creativity that’s redefining Australian music. Plus, much more.

Together, their stories are as engaging as they are urgent. From a single-celled organism to celestial bodies, violent conflicts to lovers sharing a delicate kiss, collision is the moment before, the impact and the aftermath, in which a series of forces merge, alter, and shatter one another. What new possibilities will emerge from the wreckage?


Amit Noy
Amrita Hepi
Ang Shaw
Annabelle McEwen
ar–chive studio
Audrey Pfister
Belle Beasley
Ben Juers
Benn Hamilton
Bhenji Ra
Camilo Bustamante
Christina Eastman
Claire de Carteret
Dean Cross
Dinithi De Alwis Samarawickrama
Dougal Gorman
Dylan Atlantis
Eda Gunaydin
Elijah Money
Ella Hadzioannou
Ellen O’Brien
Georgia Griffiths
Grace Carlon
Henry Chase Richards
Jacquie Meng
Jazz Money
Jessamyn Jean
Jordan Sharp
Joshua Bentley
Justine Youssef
Lay Maloney
Luke McCarthy
Mia Artemis
Oisin Dermody
Parry Tritsiniotis
Robbie Mason
Sarah Drinan
Shaeden Berry
Sim Kaur
Studio MIMU
Toyah Webb
Victoria Pham
Wassila Abboud


Alex Stevenson

Creative Director, Lead Designer & Editor

Chloe Hayman

Editor-in-Chief & Producer

Henry Chase Richards

Deputy Editor

Jazz Money

First Nations Curator

Guest Designers

Harrison Cromarty
Mia Mont
Monica Lasuardi
Studio MIMU 

Cover Image Credits

Cover Stars
Amrita Hepi, Bhenji Ra, Belle Beasley

Joshua Bentley

Georgia Harper

Sean Brady

Alex Entick

Creative Director
Alex Stevenson

Chloe Hayman

Ada May Ma 

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This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW

This project is also funded by the Inner West Council