Issue 02:
Stories of Healing

To heal is to soften, but it is no soft feat.

Find: An interview between Ayebatonye Abrakasa and Genesis Owusu on learning to sit within the flames of race, identity and anger. Ben Freeman pens a love letter to the queer rite of passage; the STI clinic. Lucia Tường Vy Nguyễn and Amy Kennett’s collaborative essay and photographic exploration of salving trauma through dreams. A moving ode to regeneration following the Black Summer bushfires by acclaimed First Nations poet, Dakota Feirer. A painted series by Tiarna Herczeg, capturing the longing of living off-Country. A hilariously absurdist script by the dynamic duo, Garden Reflexxx, unravels the mysteries of Gay Beach Town.

Amongst the many explorations, one thing is clear – we're all healing from something.


Ally Sara
Amy Kennett
Andriana Carney
Ayebatonye Abrakasa
Bec Zhuang
Ben Freeman
Claudia Bailey
Dakota Feirer
Danny Draxx
Donny Janks
Donna Bertram
Garden Reflexxx
Genesis Owusu
Georgette Stefoulis
Georgia June
Issy Phillips
Jazz Money
Other Matter
Joanne Leong
Liv Croft
Lucia Tuong
Vy Nguyen

Elijah Innes
Mia Montesin
Michael Sun
Mikaela Stafford
Nikeeta Arthur
Pier Carthew
Rory King
Thalia Economo
Tiarna Herczeg
Tilda Mae Clarke
Tilly Lawless
Travis De Vries
Yasuko Toda
Zac Picker

Cover details

Kofi Owusu-Ansah
(aka Genesis Owusu)

Cover star

Danny Draxx

Lucca Barone-Peters

Amelia Turner

Mikaela Stafford
3D Visuals

Alex Stevenson
Creative Direction

Chloe Hayman
Production, Styling

Core Team

Chloe Hayman
Editor-in-chief & Producer

Alex Stevenson
Creative Director & Editor

Gab Flood
Art Director & Designer

Bernie Fingleton
Digital Designer

Tiarna Herczeg
First Nations Curator

Henry Chase Richards
Copy Editor