Soft Stir is an independent, Sydney-based publication examining philosophies, culture, art and music through the eyes of emerging Australian creatives.

From bushfires raging across the Australian landscape, and smokey hazes enveloping our cities and lungs; to COVID-19 threatening our health and safety, it's been quite a hectic year. Now, as we spend our days primarily in our homes, it seems like an apt time to process and assess what home means to us and how we can cultivate safe and healthy environments for the future.

Soft Stir’s first issue, Stories of Home, acts as a reflective journal, with twenty-seven emerging creatives exploring the meaning of home in their lives and their communities. Learn about what it's like on the frontline of a youth activist movement, campaigning towards a Green New Deal in the US. Read poetry reflecting on the anxiety of bushfire season. Discover and celebrate the history of Sydney's vogue culture. Meet two inspiring individuals, influencing political culture from wildly different industries; and so much more.


Production & Creative Direction
Gab Flood, Alex Stevenson & Bernie Fingleton

Chloe Hayman

Hannah Walsh & Jamie Grey

Paddy Morgan

PACT Theatre


                Issue #01 Stories of Home

Johanna Aneman
Hannah Barrett-Duckett
Isabella Battersby
Nicole Beck
Emily Brennan
Dr Mehreen Faruqi
Nirrimi Firebrace
Anna Free
Genevieve French
Nastia Gladushchenko

Bronte Godden
Jonny Hawkins
Chloe Hayman
Juliane Lehmayer
Bre MacPherson
Ryan A McShane
Callum McSullea
Neil Morris
Florentina Pergoleto

Tyrone Pynor
Morus Quin
Cailin Ruff
Anthony Toohey
Phoebe Veldhuizen
Joey Watson
Matthew Wilson
Elizabeth Whitehead
& more

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Big Fag Press
Adrianna Beach
Sara Wills
PACT Theatre
Dakota You

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